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The kitchen must be the place that should encompass the definition of cleanness. People have in their mind that the kitchen should look as sterile as an operating theater, while this is not efficient and plausible, you cannot make all the surfaces from the kitchen free of bacteria and viruses, especially in kitchens that cook food for hundreds or thousands of people. Moreover, kitchens usually work with substances that have the tendency to catch all the dirt, dust and carbonized materials from the fire.

Kitchen Extraction Cleaning services in Edinburgh

One of these substances is grease. Grease is a type of fat that is usually liquid at the room temperature. Oil is one of the most used substances in the kitchen. Almost all the food that tastes good has be cooked in oil. Many people consider that is not very healthy, however, the food you get is too damn good to ignore, and the majority of people delight at least once in a week in fatty foods.

However, because grease and oil is hydrophobic, you cannot wash it simple with water, you will have to use a surfactant like soap, and if it is easy to wash all the grease from the accessible surfaces like the floors or tables, it is quite hard to clean them from ducts or fans that help with air circulation. Furthermore, as I stated before, grease can be a medium for trapped dirt and dust. If you see old greasy surfaces from unclean kitchens you will notice that they are dark and grease is usually not dark, but transparent, the dark colour is given by the dirt and carbonized materials from fire. Moreover, because grease can trap dirt, it is the perfect medium for bacteria, roaches and even rats, which are the biggest enemies to any kitchen in the world.

The food Safety Act 1990 imposes harsh fines to any kitchen in the UK that do not follow its regulation, and when the controllers come to check the kitchen they are quite scrupulous. They will not check only the surfaces that you will clean daily but also corners and ducts that you forget they exist. I am going to tell who you need to call to perform a kitchen deep cleaning Edinburgh or extractor fan cleaning.

BM Cleaning Services Kitchen Extraction Cleaning offers the best team for any kitchen in Edinburgh. If you invite them to do a deep clean, they are going to come over, dissemble all the kitchen equipment, clean it thoroughly from any dirt and then assemble it back again. In result you are going to get a clean kitchen that can pass the Safety act 1990 with ease. If you want to see extractor fan cleaning services in action, just visit their website and the pictures of before and after will speak for themselves.

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